The Redwood Tribe

A Shu'halo based RP-PvP guild on Emerald Dream - U.S.
and Classic on Grobbulus - U.S.

The Redwood Tribe is Emerald Dream's largest and most active Tauren based guild. It is now led  by Chieftain Abrahof Ragetotem, a trusted brave and Horde officer chosen by the late former Chieftain. The Redwood look to rebuild their scarce tribe and bring under their wing those no longer with a home, regardless of choice or circumstance. Since the death of Chieftain Tanahrok by the hands of Twilight Cultists and Alliance agents, Abrahof has fought to ensure that no other tribe has to endure the pain the Redwood had to go through. All are treated like family and family of course means no one is left behind, or forgotten.

Redwood Tribe is a proud member of the Thunder Bluff Commerce  Committee

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