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Who We Are

Led by Chief Ayashe and her Council, the coalition known as the Redwood Tribes formed to bring the Kalimdor races into closer relation with one another. Trolls who never left their jungle shores, tauren who roamed their plains for generations, and orcs who are stranded in a new world they're forced to call home, must come together if they're to survive their harsh environments, Alliance prejudices, and various encroachments. The Tribes have been on the front lines, securing their homes and protecting their peoples.

World of Warcraft Classic has brought back feelings that many have not felt in years. Classic requires a certain level of connection, commitment, and openness. Us within Redwood Tribes have always put people before all else. Community extends beyond our own guild tag too. Community is all of Grobbulus and those who wish to create an open and welcoming experience for all players. A community is the sum total of what its members put into it, individually or collectively.

Redwood Tribes consist of players old and new, consistent and seasonal, serious and casual. Some of our members have played during or since Vanilla and Burning Crusade and are returning for Classic. Others who play started their journey soon, or long, after and are experiencing Vanilla and Burning Crusade in Classic fully for the first time. We are RP-PvPers. We enjoy and and request both aspects of play to fully feel immersed in the world. We are people. We enjoy being with each other as we play through this new old world.

Unlike the more diverse class options and forgiving mechanics of Retail, Redwood Tribes in Classic opened with Tauren, Trolls, and Orcs, as opposed to our Tauren exclusive start in Retail. Such restrictions created amazing opportunities and memories that cannot be replicated. Have you ever seen 30 shaman charge an Alliance line with Windfury procs? We think not! Since the start of Burning Crusade we have opened up to Forsaken and Blood Elves with valid reasons to join the tribes, but still focus on the themes and traditions that made Redwood unique. We welcome you one and all.

What We Do

As a tauren based RP guild, the Redwood Tribe hosts various RP events that surround and are focused on tauren lore. Taking in all Tauren, Trolls, and Orcs in Classic, the tribe offers a unique environment to RPers that few other guilds, or even servers, can offer. Those who are not of those three races, yet have interest in the tribe, may role an alt who is or can contact the chief about our other opportunities. When not hosting one of our own events or casually RPing among ourselves, the tribe may be seen at any of the various server events Grobbulus has to offer. Being active members in the RP community is a top priority as it keeps the server alive in addition to offering opportunities for great RP to occur and friendships to form. You will also find members participating in casual, yet serious, raiding groups among ourselves or with other guilds. We keep with current content and raid tiers. While we're not going for server first, we do clear each raid as it becomes available. Many members particpated in PvP as as well, some going for their Warlord and High Warlord titles. We'll continue these activities into the arena scene for Burning Crusade and, likely, beyond. For any other information feel free to contact any Elder or Council of the tribe if the Chieftain is unavailable.

What We Promise

The Redwood Tribes remain committed to an open, welcome, accepting, and friendly environment. We operate the guild from all walks of life with many coming from the LGBT+ and underrepresented communities. We strive to keep the guild communications PG-13 to ensure a family friend environment for all. We are also here to enjoy ourselves and escape the world for a bit, and work to foster the best online environment possible for that to happen.

We also are aware of the harmful tropes and stereotypes Blizzard have used in creating some of our favorite characters and settings. We do our best to mitigate that harm while also attempting to remain within the setting. It is not lost on us the Tauren, particularly the playable Mulgore Tauren, are based upon caricatures of Native Peoples. The First Nations and Native Peoples of the U.S and Canada are diverse and have been subject to a lot of harm over the centuries. While what we do in game may not help address any of the wrongs committed directly, or even indirectly, we remain committed to conscious learning, writing, and actions in game. We are aware how they may effect others and strive to best act without offense. If there is anything you notice, please do not hesitate to contact any Guild Master or Officer.