Community Focus

World of Warcraft Classic has brought back feelings that many have not felt in years. Classic requires a certain level of connection, commitment, and openness. Us within the Redwood Tribe have always put people before all else. Community extends beyond our own guild tag, however. Community is all of Grobbulus and those who wish to create an open and welcoming experience for all players. A community is the sum total of what its members put into it, individually or collectively.


As a tauren based RP guild, the Redwood Tribe hosts various RP events that surround and are focused on tauren lore. Taking in almost exclusively tauren in retail and all tauren, trolls, and orcs in Classic, the tribe offers a unique environment to RPers that few other guilds, or even servers, can offer. Those who are not Tauren yet have interest in the tribe may role an alt who is, or can contact the chief about our non-tauren opportunities. When not hosting one of our own events or casually RPing among ourselves, the tribe may be seen at any of the various server events Emerald Dream or Grobbulus has to offer. Being active members in the RP community is a top priority as it keeps the server alive in addition to offering opportunities for great RP to occur and friendships to form. For any other information feel free to contact any Elder or Council of the tribe if the Chieftain is unavailable.

Redwood Tribe is a proud member of the Thunder Bluff Commerce  Committee

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