The Redwood Tribes

With the release of WoW Classic, there has been a large interest in the tribe, and more broadly, in going back in time and experiencing how it all began. Some of us were there during that fabled time, others it is only a rumored past.

The Redwood Tribe has then formed a guild on Grobbulus, the RP-PvP server, under the name Redwood Tribes. The collective of three tribes, or clans, is made up of tauren, trolls, and orcs. Each have come together under the name Redwood.

While we would have liked to remain true to our tauren roots, and general exclusivity, it simply is not feasible for a race limited to 4 classes. This is especially true with some of the content and bareness of Classic. Trolls for mages and priests, orcs for warlocks, and we can't forget the ever elusive tauren rogue.

More information will be forthcoming as we move post launch and find our grounding in this new-old, and fun, experience

Redwood Tribe is a proud member of the Thunder Bluff Commerce  Committee

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