Interested about the guild?  Want to contact us? Looking for that beef? You've come to the right place!


Although we take in guild recruits only through in game queries and applications, we like to offer as many ways as possible for those interested to contact us for we may set up a time to meet and talk. This gives us a chance to at least speak and go over whatever questions you may have about the guild, evaluate your role play to get a feel for your character to determine their fit for the guild, and put a character to a name. If you do not have time for any of that right away its perfectly fine! Our very first rank, Youngling/OOC, is for those who have not gone through this process and gives you a chance to feel the guild out. For those that do go through this process, your first rank will be Initiate and will be awarded upon joining.

Please get a hold of either the Chief or anyone else with the Elder or Council rank to set up some time to talk and receive your invite to the most protein packed guild around!

Visit our Emerald Dream realm forum post and leave a message!

Visit our Grobbulus forum post for Classic and leave a message!

Visit our Wyrmrest Accord realm forum post and leave a message!

Connect with Chief on Twitter!

Care to join us in Discord? Speak to the Chief or an elder, they can set you up!

Want to see our shenanigans? Our YouTube channel will be up and running soon™️


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