<Redwood Travelers> - Wyrmrest Accord

Who We Are

Redwood Travelers is a distinct branch of Redwood Tribes. Okwaho Skyseer - long missing from the Tribes - returns. A member of the Earthen Ring, Skyseer contributes learnings picked up along his journeys. He seeks to help those who also have been wandering their own paths; whatever calls to his companions, old and new. Okwaho believes he can help them come together again, this time as one family made up of all those who choose to call themselves “Traveler”!

Redwood Travelers was created with the idea to further expand the opportunities to join and our community. Wyrmrest accord is a highly active RP server and many of our Classic members also call the server home. Wyrmrest members apart of the Grobbulus Redwood Tribes opted to create a guild they can play together and remain active within the community, without spreading themselves too thin among the other great guilds that populate the server. Open to all races, unlike our other restricted guilds, Redwood Travelers are explorers rather than tribespeople. Using the Community feature Blizzard implemented, as well as Discord, Redwood Travelers and Redwood Tribes (R) are able to retain in game communication and activate participate in events, quests, dungeons, BGs, and other in game activities.

While it may not be as active as our other guilds, Redwood Travelers offers a great opportunity to dip your toes into Wyrmrest Accord without needing to find an entire new community to fully immerse yourself in the server.

What We Do

Redwood Travelers participates in Wyrmrest's server wide events and campaigns, hold our own RP events, take part in the server's wider walkup community, level together, and head into casual dungeons, battlegrounds, and arenas. There is little commitment to Redwood Travelers. The only requirement is to enjoy yourselves and respect the wider communities, both Wyrmrest Accord's and Redwood's. There is plenty of room to make the world your own. Why not go for it?

What We Promise

The Redwood Tribes remain committed to an open, welcome, accepting, and friendly environment. We operate the guild from all walks of life with many coming from the LGBT+ and underrepresented communities. We strive to keep the guild communications PG-13 to ensure a family friend environment for all. We are also here to enjoy ourselves and escape the world for a bit, and work to foster the best online environment possible for that to happen.

While Redwood Travelers do not steep themselves into the Tauren theme as much as the Redwood Tribes do, we also are aware of the harmful tropes and stereotypes Blizzard have used in creating some of our favorite characters and settings. We do our best to mitigate that harm while also attempting to remain within the setting. It is not lost on us the Tauren, particularly the playable Mulgore Tauren, are based upon caricatures of Native Peoples. The First Nations and Native Peoples of the U.S and Canada are diverse and have been subject to a lot of harm over the centuries. While what we do in game may not help address any of the wrongs committed directly, or even indirectly, we remain committed to conscious learning, writing, and actions in game. We are aware how they may effect others and strive to best act without offense. If there is anything you notice, please do not hesitate to contact any Guild Master or Officer.