<Redwood Tribes> - Emerald Dream

Who We Are

The Emerald Dream Redwood Tribes is the largest and most active Tauren based guild on the server. It is led by Chieftain Abrahof Ragetotem, a trusted brave and Horde officer chosen by the former, and late, Chieftain Tanahrok Firetotem. Since the death of Chieftain Tanahrok by the hands of Twilight Cultists and Alliance agents, Abrahof has fought to ensure that no other tribe has to endure the pain the Redwood had to go through.

Previously The Redwood Tribe, we have renamed to the Redwood Tribes to keep with our shifting times and experiences in both Retail and Classic. Redwood Tribes have been an active guild on Emerald Dream since Warlords of Dreanor filling a unique spot the server was missing - a tauren based RP guild. Our Chief and GM, Abrahof, has always filled various roles and remained active in Emerald Dream's line of tauren guilds, going back to the Earthspear Tribe from Wrath of the Lich King through Mists of Pandaria. A staple event we carried on from Earthspear, and later Gor'Watha Warband, is our Tall Tales and Epic Fables, helping keep the event alive and active for over 10 years!

The Redwood Tribes follow a story of destruction, sacrifice, and perseverance. Ones who were once Firetotem, now took up the name of Redwood for the blood lost in the lands they defended from the Centaur, Alliance, and other nefarious actors. Too few in number to continue in the old ways, they opened their arms to all other who faced loss, who yearned for a home. Returning to Stonetalon, they hope to rebuild to fully defend their ancestral lands once again.

What We Do

Redwood Tribes has been hit like so many other guilds on Emerald Dream since the introduction of phasing, sharding, removal of the PvP server types, the introduction of War Mode, and the jarring narratives brought by Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands. To this end, much of our Retail adventures have shifted to Classic where many have found a new love for the game reliving Vanilla and Burning Crusade. This has made our Retail adventures and events more sparse, yet we still put in the effort to ensure everyone has someone to experience the game with.

Shadowlands introduced new systems and stories to play through, and our members have taken full advantage of those. Members still queue up for Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Mythic dungeons, visit and partake in server wide and public RP events, as well as continue to host Tall Tales and Epic Fables on a monthly basis. Despite our heavy efforts in Classic, many members still maintain max level, geared, and fully crafted characters on Emerald Dream who are happy to attend and be apart of any ongoing campaign. Those interested should certainly reach out to any Guild Master of Officer in Retail or Classic.

What We Promise

The Redwood Tribes remain committed to an open, welcome, accepting, and friendly environment. We operate the guild from all walks of life with many coming from the LGBT+ and underrepresented communities. We strive to keep the guild communications PG-13 to ensure a family friend environment for all. We are also here to enjoy ourselves and escape the world for a bit, and work to foster the best online environment possible for that to happen.

We also are aware of the harmful tropes and stereotypes Blizzard have used in creating some of our favorite characters and settings. We do our best to mitigate that harm while also attempting to remain within the setting. It is not lost on us the Tauren, particularly the playable Mulgore Tauren, are based upon caricatures of Native Peoples. The First Nations and Native Peoples of the U.S and Canada are diverse and have been subject to a lot of harm over the centuries. While what we do in game may not help address any of the wrongs committed directly, or even indirectly, we remain committed to conscious learning, writing, and actions in game. We are aware how they may effect others and strive to best act without offense. If there is anything you notice, please do not hesitate to contact any Guild Master or Officer.