Rites of Passage

Everyone within the tribe must be tested before ascending in position. The Rites of Passage ensures each member's strength, courage, honor and knowledge of the Shu'halo are acceptable to the elder council for their attempted position.

In Classic, see us at the Crossroads the 4th Friday of everyone month from 7:30 – 9:30pm (US Central).

Tall Tales and Epic Fables!

A time for all to get together and share their experiences, stories, and fables. This is a great opportunity for exhausted soldiers, broke merchants, slimy bankers, zealous apothecaries, or even the the Warchief herself to come and relax among the company of others for a soothing yet riveting tale.

Held the first Thursday on Emerald Drea of every month. Find the next time and location here.

The Great Hunt

We take to the forests, the plains, the mountains for the Hunt! Just as our ancestors have for generations, what is hunted is thoughtfully used and blessed for its sacrifice. The Earth Mother provides, but not always without her challenges! A D20 styled event where the tribe goes out to find elusive beasts who are known to put up a good fight. From your typical yet rowdy bear to a great chillwind yeti, the tribe hunts to retain balance.

The Weekly Circle

The tribe is not run with an iron hoof. Being so, the tribes meets weekly to discuss the up coming plans and past happenings. This offers an opportunity for all others to speak up in a formal setting to air their thoughts and hopes for the tribe. Although mostly taken in-character, a portion is dedicated to some out of character discussion for we may proceed with events in an efficient manner.