The Redwood Tribe

A Shu'halo based RP-PvP guild on Emerald Dream - U.S.
and Classic on Grobbulus - U.S.

The Redwood Tribes is a community of guilds on Emerald Dream, Wyrmrest Accord, and Grobbulus. The guilds identify as RP-PvP guilds with a focus on strong, accountable, and accepting community. A storied line of guilds, members, and servers, Redwood members have been playing World of Warcraft in one way or another since Burning Crusade. The Redwood look to rebuild their scarce tribe and bring under their wing those no longer with a home, regardless of choice or circumstance. All are treated like family and family of course means no one is left behind, or forgotten.

Visit the 'About the Tribes' tab to learn more about each of our guilds, events, structures, and officers!