Chieftain Abrahof Ragetotem

Chieftain of the Redwood Tribe. His independent upbringing and Horde military service has carved him into a quiet yet stern leader who's values differ mildly from most shu'halo. As such he sees all members of the Alliance as enemies that are not to be trusted while simultaneously believing Forsaken and Blood Elves are as strong and loyal as any other member of the Horde, though in their own way. Active within the War of Thorns, he cared little for the burning until the ashes had reached parts of Ashenvale and Stonetalon, realizing how all consuming the fired pitch was.

Although approachable, he may not always be the most kind. It would be wise to be aware of recent events and the setting when wanting to speak to him. As the war wages on Abrahof and the tribe looks inward to Kalimdor and the Horde's well being back home. The strength of the Horde has always resided in Kalimdor, and these tauren will not give an inch to the Alliance invaders.

War Brave Torahate Redwood

One of the few ancestral Redwood who remain, Torahate has devoted himself to revitalizing the tribe. As Council of Chieftain Abrahof he is second in command of the tribe. Although large and imposing, Torahate always makes time to open up to any and all within the tribe hoping to extend a helping hand to those in need of it. He is a heavy counter weight to the Chieftains often hawkish views on the world.


Leader of the hunts and host of the story circles, Torhate is a very traditional individual. Being deeply devout to these traditions, Torahate keeps both his way of life and armor in battle minimalist in nature. Taking a shield of a great snapper shell and weapons of bone, wood, and stone there is little room left for metals only really to be found on his plated chest and leg armor.


Without the War Brave, the tribe would not be as strong as it is.

Council Huranok Sunmaul 

An ambassador to the Redwood serving as a link between the two tribes, Huranok protects and serves the tribe as if it was his own. Being from a tribe of Sunwalkers, his insight and knowledge on An'she provide great strength to the Redwood as she watches over us. Often seen at Abrahof's or Torahate's side, Huranok makes it known what and who he is and is not fond of, perhaps even to an individuals face.

Stalwart to the foundational concepts of the Horde, he is deeply critical of those who seek to harm the balance of nature, forsake honor, and give in to dubious means to achieve their goals.


As one of the strongest braves apart of the tribe, he has never faltered in battle learning to use his size, armor, and skill to a deadly efficiency. Enemies who find themselves staring down this intimidating shu'halo better be able to outrun him and his kodo.

Elder Mystic Vohkono 

Druid of the Earthmother, stalwart member of the tribe, a shu'halo who's wisdom few can match, Elder Vohkono has served the tribe without question. As one of the most well known members of the tribe, Vohkono has taken his first steps into official leadership. 

Rejecting the Elves' concept that druidic powers were given by Elune and Ysera to Cenarius to teach the mortals, Vohkono preaches the tale of Mu'sha and Apa'ro. A tale praising the Earthmother for blessing the shu'halo with the great white stag, personally believing was no need for Cenarius, giving them the ability to learn the drudic ways. While this places him at odds with other druids at times, with the Chieftain's support he preaches his belief to others so they are not swayed by elven lies.


His knowledge on balance and the concept of wisdom come at a much needed time in the lives of many

Veteran Brave Rakkos Ironhoof

To the Redwood, Elder Rakkós Ironhoof; to the Horde, Captain Rakkós Ironhoof. After serving many years with the Warsong Offensive, he decided to leave the life of war after he saw the corruption of Garrosh Hellscream. As the Legion returned and their threat became ever looming he realized it was time to pick up his polearm yet again in defense of his people.


Doing so was hard and amidst his contemplation, he happened upon the old chieftain Tanahrok, learning of the Redwood Tribe. The tribe provided him a way to actively fight the Legion without returning to rage that followed him since the destruction of his home village, Icemist. His dedication to the tribe and skill in battle has earned him much recognition among the braves.

As the war with the Alliance wages on, he is content within the village training those new braves which seek to serve the Horde, the tribe, and the Earth Mother.

Redwood Tribe is a proud member of the Thunder Bluff Commerce  Committee

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