Tauren Focused RP

As a tauren based RP guild, the Redwood Tribes host various RP events that surround and are focused on tauren lore. Taking in almost exclusively tauren in Retail and all tauren, trolls, and orcs in Classic, the tribe offers a unique environment to RPers that few other guilds, or even servers, can offer. Those who are not Tauren yet have interest in the tribe may role an alt who is, or can contact the chief about our non-tauren opportunities in Retail and Classic. When not hosting one of our own events or casually RPing among ourselves, the tribe may be seen at any of the various server events Emerald Dream or Grobbulus has to offer. Being active members in the RP community is a top priority as it keeps the server alive, offers opportunities for great RP to occur, and helps friendships form. For any other information feel free to contact any Elder or Council of the tribe if the Chieftain is unavailable.

Various PvP Antics

The Tribe, though focused on RP and smaller in number, organizes and partakes in structured and unstructured PvP. From the Desolace and Grizzly Hills RP-PvP campaigns on Emerald Dream, the various Grobbulus coalitions like the Gom Kuu’jak, organized yet casual BGs, weekly quests, High Warlord grinds, independent 2K Arena and Rated BG participation, the tribe does it all. The current Retail WPvP setting shifts constantly and War Mode has brought in its own challenges. However, Redwood stands firm in it's participation and adapts to find success against our foes. Classic brings its own uniqueness and challenges as well. Issues brought on with flying, which were not addressed until Mists, require constant innovation and awareness. We are looking at getting more organized fights, arenas, and RBGs together as the interest grows. The Redwood Tribes remain stalwart defenders of the Horde's borders. They join Horde contingents across Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, Zandalar, and Kul'tiras.

Casual PvE Content

World of Warcraft defined a genre when Vanilla released. 40 person raids pushed the limits most people's computers systems for the time, and the epic scale of downing some of the world's most dangerous villains (or misunderstood ruffians) with 40 of your closest friends created life long memories. Be it constant wipes, ridiculous shenanigans, hair raising close calls, or highly efficient and merciless runs for world and realm first. The Redwood Tribes have taken up the challenge as well. While we focus on casual a casual raiding style, we do expect preparedness, timeliness, and honest efforts during our raid nights. We understand everyone has busy lives, so we keep our raid nights to two hours; no more, no less. Non-guild members are of course welcome after all other slots are filled by guild members and invited guests.

While Retail raiding has been on hiatus since the end of Battle for Azeroth, Classic raiding is alive and well. Please reach out to any of our Classic officers for more information on joining, our raid schedule, and our current progress.